The Health Depot was created because I was preparing to retire from an industry getting people from where they are to where they want to be. Yes, even air traffic controllers, who maintain high medical standards, are concerned about their longevity…living life with quality. One day the doc said he wants to put me on an “older person’s” pharmaceutical, the natural passage to aging. I had the realization that it doesn't stop at one prescription as they all have side effects that need to be addressed. Instantly, the pictures of my parents and grandparents handing over their hard earned money to a pharmacy came to mind.
While pursuing my optimal health, I didn't want to go down the fad diet road or the latest greatest gimmick of blend or juice to drink. I began to study the supplement market and our food supply. Hydration, Beta Glucans, Omega 3s, and Polyphenols, areas most are deficient, are important contributors to overall health and vitality. Health professionals today agree that supplementation is needed when it comes to proper nutrition.
Working to supplement my own diet, fish oil seemed a good choice. I wanted an oil that met my nutrition goals and offered proof it worked. My current choice offers a test to validate their effects. You can test whether your current supplements have you in balance, if so your money back. Other products I use and support in the areas of nutrition, hydration and living toxin free, can be found below.
Please look through the site for some of the vast research available on Omega 3’s, 9’s, polyphenols and beta-glucans.

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Balance Program

Omega 3s, Polyphenols, and Beta-Glucans. Free test after 6 months on program.


Fellow at the Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour, Oxford. Trains physicians on nutrition.

Structure the Water

Add energy to water for better absorption, less water usage and overall well being.


Reduce your monthly expenses for Electricity, Satellite TV, Internet, Security, Cellular Phone Service.