Prebiotics vs Probiotics

Probiotics are simply the good bacteria in you. You contain billions of bacteria that help keep you healthy. Most of our bacteria is found in the intestines. The “good” bacteria help you with digestion of foods. If the number of good bacteria is reduced compared to the bad bacteria digestive difficulties may ensue leading to gastrointestinal symptoms. This is common side effect of antibiotics.

Probiotics are living microorganisms. Many of us get them from yogurt or supplementation. The products are well researched and blended to survive the process through the stomach and to the intestines where they can grow and thrive.

Prebiotics are actually carbohydrates that the we cannot digest. This allows the good bacteria a food source that they use and thus thrive. Prebiotics are a non living substance that feed and maintain the living microorganisms probiotics and the other good bacteria in the body. Different prebiotics are good for different stages in the digestive process. If you have ever tried tackling a digestive issue with a probiotic and haven't had the success you were looking for try supplementing a prebiotic.

Synbiotics are supplemental therapies which contain both prebiotics and probiotics. These are relatively new and there are many studies going on currently.

On previous pages we introduced three micro nutrients and their benefits. We discuss those and now have added the prebiotics as it too is missing in most western diets. The human body is remarkable at continuing through the demands we place on it even when we don't feed it properly. It does this up until a point. The human body is also remarkable at repairing itself when we feed it right. Try adding a shake or the fiber product from the store via the link below.

Weight Control

More stories are coming out everday on the weight gain in the United States. Google 'Americans gained 500 million pounds in 2015', yes it is true. Although we gain weight we are not really feeding ourselves. We are suffering from type B malnutrition as a country and yet we continue to eat excessive calories. Weight control is sought after for our looks not necessarily our health. Our health and our lives take a huge toll carrying all that around.

One way to lose weight is to cut your portions in half, increase exercise and water intake. Another is supplementing your food intake with a healthy meal replacement. There are a lot of shakes on the market these days. Read the labels and get one without all the useless fillers. I use the Lean Shake. It saves me time at lunch and I can climb stairs at work or just take a brisk walk. It also provides me the healthy prebiotics. I alternate flavors for variety and had amazing results. When I hit my desired weight I continued to take it after my workout not as a meal replacement, rather to feed the healthy bacteria and muscle. Life is so much fun when you feel great.

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