Fish oil is the best source for Omega 3s. This fish oil is a blend of fish oil and olive oil. Fish oil is an unstable substance by itself. Do you ever burp your fish oil or know anyone who does? It is because it has gone rancid. Rancid fish oil will cause oxidative stress in your body. The olive oil is the closest thing in nature that mimics the algae at the bottom of the ocean and keeps the fish oil stable for absorption.

Omega 6s are dominate in our western diet. They are in processed foods and many cooking oils. Due to the abundance of them, our Omega 6/3 ratios are exceeding the World Health Organization recommendation of a balance of 3:1 to a 5:1. Even for those people on fish oil, many are still out of balance due to the quality of the product they consume or the overall diet choices they make. Our recommended fish oil balances 95% of those consuming it within 120 days. That is even for the Americans who have results at a staggering 37:1 Omega 6/Omega 3 (our USA average as of March 2015). Why is this important? Omega 6s provide the fire needed for accute responses for our defense systems. Too much keeps the fire on constantly resulting in chronic conditions. Omega 3s, on the other hand, put the fire out once the cause is resolved in the body. Without the proper balance, the switches don't work correctly. The dosage is based on your body weight to deliver the right dosage for you.

About the test

Available for order, an easy to use, anonymous, test that will give you 6 points of health, including your Omega 6/3 ratio, Omega 3 percentage, Mental strength index, cell membrane fluidity index, Arachidonic Acid formation efficiency, and your protection (fatty acid profile value). Dietary health guidance is also provided in the 24 page report. Simply mail it in the envelope provided and a third party lab with 30 years of testing exprience will analyze it and provide the results to you online or through email. Go on the Balance Program and retest in 120 days to verify the products actually do as advertised. Receive a free test after being on the program for 6 months.

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Balance Program

Omega 3s, Polyphenols, and Beta-Glucans. Free test after 6 months on program.


Fellow at the Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour, Oxford. Trains physicians on nutrition.

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Add energy to water for better absorption, less water usage and overall well being.


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