• Mary (Ok)

    At 75, I had a knee that was painful and had a catch. I no longer have pain and the popping is gone.

  • Doris (TX)

    I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Taking the fish oil. my bloodwork improved immediately.

  • Mel (TX)

    At 90, my bloodwork looks amazing. I have come off many of my prescriptions. My triglycerides have returned to healhy levels I haven't seen since my late 20s. My LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped while my HDL (good cholesterol went up.

  • Frank (CA)

    80s, my arms would bruise without injuring them. I was told this was normal due to age. After a few months on the oil, I have to do something to bruise.

  • Evelyn (IN)

    My energy level has increased and my close up vision is much improved. Oh, and my aches and pain have diminished.

  • Beth (AL)

    I have suffered from depression for many years. The oil has help me greatly and I am not on prescriptions now.

  • Flor (FL)

    85 years young, initial test result, 45:1 ratio, forgetting simple things and repeating questions on a daily basis. After 6 months on the balance products, mental acuity is sharp and repeating greatly reduced.

  • Kevin (TX)

    My lower legs were swelling below the knee, not as a result of an injury. After a few months on the oil the swelling was gone, and I sleep much better at night.

  • Jordan (CA)

    Challenged with autism, after six months Jordan is sleeping at night and now playing with other children.

  • Erik (NY)

    The fish oil has balanced my Omega 6/3 ratio providing amazing energy and overall feeling of well being.

  • Julie (TX)

    After 20 years of chronic back pain and a surgery that didn't provide relief, I am completely pain free. I put down my readers I used for close up items. After a life of allergy shots and pills, 14 months on the oil, I don't take any pills or shots.

  • Lisa (FL)

    I have put off a scheduled knee replacemet surgery due to the benefits I have received from the balance program. The MRI looks so much different.

Focused Info

Balance Program

Omega 3s, Polyphenols, and Beta-Glucans. Free test after 6 months on program.


Fellow at the Institute of Food, Brain and Behaviour, Oxford. Trains physicians on nutrition.

Structure the Water

Add energy to water for better absorption, less water usage and overall well being.


Reduce your monthly expenses for Electricity, Satellite TV, Internet, Security, Cellular Phone Service.